Why daycare is beneficial for my dog and for me…

With long and hectic work schedules, owners have little time to exercise and socialize their dogs.

Dogs are social animals that require interaction with other dogs.

Without proper exercise, weight problems can arise causing obesity and joint problems.

Longs hours at home cause boredom and anxiety which can lead to destructive behavior.

Country Canine Dog Daycare

We are a fully licensed and insured dog daycare facility. We provide exercise, socialization and fun for your pet in a caring atmosphere.

Our facility is compromised of 3 outdoor enclosures covering over 7,000 square feet. Dogs are grouped in these spaces according to energy level so they may easily find a playmate of the same speed. The dogs spend the majority of their time outside, but an indoor play space is available during inclement weather. The outdoor areas have various equipment, such as climbing structures, kiddie pools, and hanging toys.