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About Us

Alison Kaiser has over 28 years of animal care experience, including a petcare service in Concord center and an Associates of Science in Animal Care from Becker College. She also worked for four years as a vet tech at the Great Road Veterinary Hospital in Acton. Most recently she ran another petcare service out of Littleton. Alison has kept Jack Russell Terriers as her companions for over 30 years.

Brian Theis has been with Country Canine since the summer of 2007, starting as a yard supervisor and then becoming a manager. After learning the ins and outs of the small business world, as well as forming strong connections with the dogs, their owners and this field of work, an opportunity to become co-owner of Country Canine arose. Brian took this position in April of 2008. Brian, a retired police officer, who has a B.A. in Criminal Justice, has held the company of Australian Shepards for the past 27 years and holds a lifetime love of dogs.