We apologize, but we’re unable to accept new daycare dogs at this time. Our Dog training is still available.


Country Canine playgroups provide socialization and stimulation in a safe and supervised environment. Your dog has the opportunity to form friendships and bonds with other dogs and their human companions.

Our facility is comprised of 3 outdoor enclosures, covering over 7,000 square feet. Dogs are grouped within these spaces according to energy level so they may easily find a playmate of the same speed. The dogs spend the majority of their time outside, but an indoor play space is available for inclement weather. The outdoor play areas have various equipment, such as climbing structures, kiddie pools and hanging toys.

Hours of fun and play provide dogs with mental stimulation and physical activity. Owners will be pleased to pick up a happy and tired dog.

For reservations please contact us at info@countrycaninedogs.com.
Please allow 24 hours for a response.

For dog training services throughout the MetroWest area, please visit and inquire at balancedpacktraining.com.


Introduction day: $50
Daycare: $33/dog
5 day/week discount: $30/day


1. Proof of rabies & distemper/parvo
2. Kennel cough vaccine every 12 months
3. Female dogs must be spayed by the end of their 6 month. Males must be neutered between 6-8 months, based on behavior.